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Day Eight: TV Character Crush

No one would be surprised I would pick someone from HIMYM. (After all, I do own every season and can watch the same episodes over and over and over and over………………..again.) Honestly, I don’t know why I like Ted Mosby. I am not sure if I would even date him, but when I dream of someone from How I Met Your Mother being with me, it’s him

This is a lot harder to write about than the other posts, because there aren’t any special characteristics about him that I attach to. He’s not Marshall or Barney, both people who I can see myself dating…or a valiant person. Some might find him annoying with his pretentiousness or with his constant search for love. Some might just think he’s not really the star of the show, Barney is, but I never do. I look at him and wish I knew him.

I think I pick Ted Mosby makes me hope for love. I feel like him a lot, even though I am a lot younger and a female. He makes me feel okay with feeling hopeless and sad. He makes me feel like I could walk into a coffee shop one day and meet my future husband. There’s only a certain person that could make you feel this way. Love stories or chick flicks could make me feel this way, but Ted Mosby is a person. He has stories, but it’s really him.

That’s really the first thing that comes to mind when I think about why I love him. 

I feel like if I was the special girl to be with him, he would make me feel so special. I would give him anything.

He does have quirks that make me love him. His passion -obsession- for architecture, for one. I love boys who have something they’re so passionate about. It can be the punchline for a lot of the jokes in the series, but it’s kind of like Marshall’s passion to save the environment. HE JUST WANTS TO SAVE EVERY ARCHITECTURALLY SIGNIFICANT BUILDING IN NEW YORK.

I think the jokes he tells to girls are so cute, if not funny, partly pity. 

Not to mention, I think I have an immediate like for the whole young professor thing….as creepy as that can sometimes be. And I have a thing for the youngest architect to build a skyscraper in New York……… conclusion, there are many reasons why I love him, but mostly because of him, okay? : )

(must find a gif that shows off how handsome he is and insert it here)

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